The delay in reporting on recent events in Amsterdam -during Trans Europe Express and Spin Off– does not take away the magic and fire of that weekend!  By now you must have taken notice via other channels, how Mace and Weapon X won King of the Kidz in a tight head to head with Justen and Leelou! Prodance TV published all the battles on their channel.

During the Spin Off finals  Hip Hop was won by Shay and Junbox , All Styles (won by Shay).

Locking (won by Chi), Popping (Synthazoid), Break one- on- one Jessy (the Ruggeds) and crew battles (won by Hidden Artifacts).  Our brother Louni took some amazing action shots ! Still want more? Check out Omrii‘s photos as well. All beats provided that day by Lucas. Listening to him is such an experience.

Prior to the finals, on friday the 27th, Trans Europe Festival took place in Melkweg Amsterdam. Amazing artists took the stage and really left me in awe with their gifts. So diverse, creative and in depth- storytelling. The unexpectedness of styles combined with the intricate choreographies or the simplicity and rawness of some of the other pieces left me very inspired and satisfied. I encourage anyone to visit (more) dance performances in the Theater even my Dutch people. To my suprise the theater wasn’t packed like it should have been with a caliber like that…!

Thank you to Terrence, Trix and their team for providing an important platform and edcuational program for the youth in our scene. More information check


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