By Stefani-

Personally I’m not only passionate about dance. I’m passionate about healthy dancers. Healthy people to represent true Hip Hop. And if you flip that; can you represent true hip hop with an unhealthy lifestyle? One of my biggest inspirations therefore is Russell Simmons (co-founder of Defjam Records). For the young people amongst us, google him and be surprised with some musical treasures he’s signed in his day.

Yesterday it was announced he and his former wife Kimora Lee Simmons​ made a nearly 16 million dollar investment along with Horizons Ventures in an energy drink called: CELSIUS.

“Rush” is more than the face we lovingly associate with our beloved Def Jam. He is a visionary and a game changer. In my opinion, the very fact him and his former wife Kimora Lee still work together on huge business investments silently says a lot about the level of a person’s  mind state and human relationships.

We have to be grateful and highlight the people with great power who use their knowledge and resources responsibly and with positivity, not just for themselves but to better a whole community.

Your health as a dancer, or any kind of athlete is your number one weapon. Your health as a human being is your number one weapon to face life head on and live a full one. It’s the foundation for all the goals you have. Clear body and clear mind, are the fastest and most efficient way to manifest any dream you may carry with you.  We all have that one relative (maybe even more) who is seriously ill or digressing and is now regretting the poor choices in diet, wishing they had exercised more and dared to do the things they love.  Things for which sadly it’s now too late. However painful, let this be an example for us to do better. To teach our children that our bodies are our temples. The basis, the sacred place from which all things can spring.

RUssel simmons celsius

Russell Simmons, as a vegan and a yogi understands this better than most. I would expect nothing less of him than the announcement to “integrate Celsius into alldefdigital, globalgrind, argyle culture, all my 5 charities and all the other ventures”. See, the way you affect something is by changing your direct circle. No matter how small, if I change my ways (whether it be how I choose to speak, my diet,  my exercise routine, manifesting a dream) it has no choice to affect or catch the attention of the people around me. No need to talk someone into anything. If they see how it’s benefiting you their awareness has been awakened and once that happens you cannot un-think it.  This is the beauty of it so it’s enough if one person to the next keeps paying it forward and that’s exactly what continues to happen in my life.

Part 2

Now on a scale on which Uncle Rush operates it is so profound to make a statement like the one mentioned above and follow through by having all your companies serve the healthy choice.

Here’s to the Simmons family! This is what ‘boss-mentality’ and authenticity looks like.

DO things that inspire. SELL things you’re proud of. Give the world things that uplift. Good givers are great getters.” -Russell Simmons