If you’re part of the dance community in some way, even if you have no association to the scene, you can notice certain talent in music videos especially the connection of dancers to the music. When a good song has a good music video with simplicity it can make even more connection between the listener and the artist. Look at what MJ did with his music and videos, sometimes simple and sometimes real unique.

The same can be said with Justin Bieber’s latest video (not saying his videos are on “Thriller” or “Smooth Criminal” level) featuring New Zealand’s hottest dance crew, Request. Yes!!! The ladies of Request and The Royal Family blessing Bieber’s new track “Sorry” with that Polyswag.

The video which Bieber does not appear in shows the illustrious choreography of Parris and her neon-colored swag’d out girlfriends getting in some dance hall, some Hip Hop grooves, popping waves and ticking, and much more of the Polyswag dress style.

Much respect to the Bieber and his camp for recognizing such talent in the Request and Royal Family ladies for this video!

For more from Royal Family and Parris check out our interview from Hip Hop International 2015

Request Dance Crew